State of the Second Day

Becareful what you wish for.

Yesterday we were wishing we could get into the development class somehow. By the will of Allah, and the fact I was getting an office chair provided by DSPS – so I really wasn’t going to be taking a seat away from a CAL student, I did.

So I went bought a really expensive 2 part reader. The first two articles seemed a little light. I don’t need 30 pages to tell me corruption problems in Sub-Saharan Africa are partially to blame for stagnant and declining economic growth. THIS I KNOW ALREADY. And even if you didn’t the Economist has a really nice section this week on just that topic in 1500 words or less. Flipping through 600+ pages I came across 10 equations – and this being an upper division course at UC Berkeley, the finest university on the West Coast!

So now I’ve got a really nice reader and I’m hoping to get in to Advanced Micro…

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