State of the First Day

Some days more just seems to happen. We returned to lectures and after a full day of begging to be let in to a class, any class, your just whipped. I’m thru with the ‘core’ theory for economics, macro – micro -econometrics, but I really want into development. Due to my concurrent enrollment status, it doesn’t seem too likely, but its kind of hard to say this is what you want to do for the rest of your life(which I think it is) -if you can’t even take as an undergraduate course.

The simplicity of dealing with higher education administrations. Why the theory of markets is completely forgotten in admissions procedures I can’t understand. They need money – and I need a course – seems like there should be a simple solution.

And to come home and be treated to a State of the Union adress, just really made my day. I actually scored the president much higher than I thought he would get. Granted there was alot of responses to issues the democratic canidates have surfaced in the last few months, but I tried to be objective in that George scored a + or a – for each paragraph of speech between the clapping. Overall he got 3 fewer pluses than minuses(49%), which was better than the House and Senate minority speakers(28% and 40% respectively).

Does that mean I’m turning elephant? Hardly- I have too much concern for social welfare and a large safty net, things I feel markets aren’t good at providing. But it does leave me in the precarious position of not being able to blindly support the democrats though.

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