Oh the Holiday gifts

I’ve been given a number of books for Christmas, here is what I’m currently reading:

Development as Freedom
by Amartya Sen

Very Good. Lays out a case for economic development to enhance personal and social freedoms.
The writing is a bit heavy, but the over all argument is sound.

In an Uncertain World:Tough choices from Wall Street to Washington
by Robert Rubin and Jacob Weisberg

Good. Memoirs of Robert Rubin from his time in Washington as Secretary of the Treasury. Very readable and enjoyable, although he does come off sounding a bit high-handed at times. However, there are alot of delightful jems in the book which make it easy to overlook.

The Worldly Philosophers:The Lives, Times and Ideas of the Great Economic Thinkers
by Robert L. Heilbroner

OK. From Smith to Schumpeter it covers decent historical ground.

One Response to “Oh the Holiday gifts”

  1. jimmy chen says:

    looks like you got good reading material, hope you find them engaging and enjoyable. nice blog here.