What not to do while laid up

I have a really bad back. Sometimes it decides to punish me for several days on end. Usually this is the time for me lie around the house and get a fair bit of reading done. Today I was forced to miss a joint party of two friends of mine, so I was fealing espically blue. In Berkeley, we have a new (well 1 year old) pharmacy which carries everything from a well stocked library to free tai chi classes. While there I decided to open up an account with their movie rental unit, this pharmacy was started by the guys who began Real Video so its a pretty good – though small – DVD collection. Since I was going nowhere I though it would be a nice idea to not only get the remake of Dune, but the sequal to it Children of Dune. The original film by David Lynch and its absolutely excellent. I own it. I can say with complete authority the remake by the SciFi channel is utter garbage. The two movies together run for over 6 hours. If you EVER have 6 hours free, no matter how bored you are, try to find something other to do than watch these films…. nothing could be worth the horror of how butchered a classic can be in the hands of cable tv.

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